The advantages of a hotel

Your children for you are the most precious people in the world and, for us, the most special guests (can you say "more special"?).

We want them to be happy with Youmami, having fun, having good experiences and meeting new friends.

But at the same time we want peaceful parents both in the apartment and in the entire hotel environments.

For this reason, we have thought of services and spaces that the little ones like and help adults relax and have some time for themselves.

In the apartment

Comfort starts with lighter bags. And if it is almost impossible with small children, we can still help you here, with some items and equipment available upon request at your arrival: cradle or side rails, portable changing mat, reducer for the toilet, step stool to reach the sink.

At the restaurant

We have a proposal of dishes dedicated to them, in a menu that not only includes pasta with sauce and fries (well, of course, there are also those), but also vegetables and foods that mothers like best, to which children will hardly say no. Let it be?

Service available until August 31st.

In hotel

For some it is the most beautiful place of Youmami: in fact, The nest is a real nest dedicated to the little ones, a beautiful room all for themselves, without edges, colored, with soft and cuddly games.

And then he has the glass window overlooking the pool, so they can wave bye-bye to their mom and dad (fingerprints soiled with jam are absolutely allowed ).

...What is there outside? There is the park, equipped with games, where, together with the entertainers, they have fun and have wonderful experiences.

By car?
No way, by bike!

Let the car also enjoy the holiday and ride on the Youmami bike: in Giulianova the distances are short and you can get to the beach with just a few rides.

They have the seat for the little ones and the basket for putting the bag and the beach towel.

Games, workshops, relaxa and excursions

We do not offer the classic animation, but a nice program of activities, organized by our animators, nice and well prepared guys, dedicated to both children and adults.
The first ones play, they do creative workshops, they learn and they are in contact with nature; adults, on the other hand, can jog or run on the beach, excursions in the area and tastings in selected winery.

And then, there's always the time for aperitifs and evenings at Hugo, the sky bar with a very special view.
These services are available until August 31st.