New padel courts in Giulianova

Two new Padel Courts, right here at Youmami. That sport is involving more and more people, now has a new place dedicated to Giulianova.

This sport can be practiced by everyone, it is the discipline in vogue and a great way to keep fit.

It’s a good opportunity to socialize and have fun.

Youmami and outdoor activity

We have dedicated a part of our park to sports and entertainment, while keeping a part surrounded by greenery and total relaxation.

Padel courts

There are two padel courts, built in October 2021, that you can book through the Sportclubby platform.

The Padel

Sport of tennis derivation, it is practiced with a tennis ball and a racket pierced by the rigid plate.
The discipline was invented in Mexico in the '70s when a citizen decided to exploit his outdoor garden by building tennis courts, but the available space was smaller and limited by some walls.

In Italy this game is managed by the Italian Tennis Federation. It is played in pairs and the strategy is to conquer the position at the net, more favorable to close the point, and to keep it as long as possible.