The Yoummi restaurant

We like to make you feel good, in every moment of the day and the table is one of the most important. We carefully prepare each dish and use quality ingredients, preferably purchased from the best producers in the area.

We are inspired by the typical Abruzzo recipes, but we also offer delicate dishes, with a soft taste, for the most sensitive palates, and dishes from other territories, with somewhat unusual flavors.

The Yoummi restaurant is open until 31 August.

Where and when to satisfy the appetite

From 7.30 until late in the evening we always have something good to offer. Here, scanned in places, days and times, the table of appointments dedicated to your taste buds.

The breakfast

A convenient time, from 7.30 am to 10.30 am, to make happy early birds and those that are not. Don't expect the usual buffet, because here there is Rossana, our pastry chef (indeed, to be precise, cake designer ) who prepares from the classic tart (but you might find it stuffed with quince jam. .. made by you, of course) to pancakes, crêpes and omelettes, made on the spot.

You will taste the typical Abruzzo desserts such as neola , prepared with wafer-shaped biscuit dough filled with jam or custard. And, when she succeeds,also makes croissants.

In short, the kitchen has no secrets for her and we are still looking for the recipe that she doesn't know how to make. ... Do you want to try it? ;-)

The Buffet service is available until 30 September, while in winter our delicious breakfast will be served directly at the table.

The pool bar menu

Order from the pool bar menu what you like best: a fruit cocktail, an aperitif, a glass of wine, a quick lunch or a tasty dinner.

You will taste sandwiches with original flavors, imaginative salads, vegetable and our pinsa.

The pool bar is open until 30 September.

Sparkling wine and snacks

Here in Youmami it is always time to party and there is always an opportunity to toast and taste something appetizing.

So here is the Sunday brunch, the aperitif in the pool on Thursday, the themed dinners on Friday and Saturday.

And every Sunday evening, the appointment is at sunset with the aperitif in Hugo , the sky bar on the top floor, to greet the sun that goes to sleep and the new week that arrives.

Sparkling wine and snacks will be served until 31 August.

The room service

Order dinner from the restaurant menu and we'll bring it to your apartment.

All ready, without effort and without pans to wash. Easy right?

Room service is available until August 31st.

Restaurant, pool bar and sky bar are open to everyone, even those who do not stay here. And always to all recommend to book by calling the 3461267582